Saturday, March 6, 2010


Hey everyone:

What are the two things most likely to happen whenever you get race fans together, regardless of the form of motorsports?

First, they want to watch all the thrills, chills and spills that are inherent in racing.

Second, when they're not watching racing, they're talking racing -- more often than not, that includes debating the merits of a particular race or how "MY DRIVER" stacks up against "YOUR DRIVER."

Ever since we began Trading Paint more than six years ago, one thing that has stood out has been the communication between fans and myself, or fans vs. other fans.

That's one of the main reasons I decided to write "Trading Paint: 101 Great NASCAR Debates", which hits bookstores in summer (look for it!).

We received such great input to our recent inaugural debate on Trading Paint @ that we decided to break things off into a more dedicated venue that would specialize in that type of thing.

With that being said, I'm pleased to announce the launch of a new addition to the Trading Paint family:, a friendly kind of place where you can post your thoughts -- pro, con or otherwise -- not only about NASCAR, but other forms of motorsports including NHRA drag racing, Izod Indy Racing League, Formula One, World of Outlaws, etc.

We've started off with two debates already, and even though we plan on posting at least one new debate every week for you to comment about, the e-mails we've received already are encouraging us to potentially post a new debate sooner than once a week, perhaps one every second or third day -- with the ultimate goal of potentially leading to a daily debate.

We don't want to overwhelm new visitors to the site, so we'll keep it simple for now, but I promise you that a daily debate WILL be coming eventually -- hopefully sooner, rather than later. Right now, we're starting slow, getting our sea legs under us, and then, look out! 

Our goal is simple: to become the No. 1 place where racing fans can come to debate their points. After all, the fan is always right, right?

So, come check out RACING right now. Like a switchboard reservation agent, we're waiting to hear from YOU!

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