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Hey everyone, as many of you know, my first book (Trading Paint: 101 Great NASCAR Debates) will be released this summer. So, to start getting some buzz going about the book, we're going to start posting a weekly debate question here on to get your thoughts and opinions.

This week's question: Who Can Stop Jimmie Johnson From Winning a 5th Sprint Cup Title?

In my mind, if Johnson is to be stopped in 2010 from winning Title No. 5, it will be Tony Stewart with the best shot and Johnson's own Hendrick Motorsports teammates, Jeff Gordon and Mark Martin, right behind.

So, what's your take: Who Can Stop Jimmie Johnson From Winning A 5th Sprint Cup Title?

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  1. What about Dale Junior?

  2. Yeah, what about Junior? He's got as good a chance as Johnson, Martin and Gordon. GOOOOOOO JUNIOR!!!!!!!!

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  4. OK so maybe I am the only one that is sick of watching the Jimmie show. I dont get it. I know he is good and all, but there are many equally as good or better drivers in the field. What is the edge that he has. The cars are mostly equal - supposedly - so what makes this such a one sided race to the chase. Seriously, even with all the changes, he seems to have an edge. Is it skill or something else? Previous years they havent really made their move until the true chase starts, this year they seem to have kick started their program. The question remains, can anyone beat him? I dont think so, unless someone finds out what magic potion he has.

  5. Denny Hamlin... and what about the Childress cars? Darn Golden Horseshoes!

  6. I think Jeff Gordon and Kevin Harvick will keep things very interesting.

    Looking forward to the book JB!

  7. Well bless ya for saying Tony can do it - he's my pick. As SICK TO DEATH as I am of seeing Jimmie take checkers, I'm beginning to wonder if the only ones that can truly beat them are...themselves. That friggin' Knaus is like the Iceman in Top Gun..."it's the way he cold, no mistakes. Just wears you down. You get bored, frustrated, do something stupid and he's got you." I'd really admire him, if he didn't cheese me off so badly - that guy has the work ethic (and um, "inventiveness") to get the job done. Jimmie's a good driver, yes, but I believe that Knaus the man behind the curtain. All that said, will somebody PLEASE kick these guy's butts?

  8. Well I'm not sure anyone can stop JJ. Using a little internet searching, I have come up with the winning percentage by driver for the last 5 years ending at Homestead in 2009...

    Jimmie Johnson -- 18.3%
    Tony Stewart -- 10.0%
    Carl Edwards -- 8.8%
    Kyle Busch -- 8.8%
    Jeff Gordon -- 7.2%
    Kasey Kahne -- 6.1%
    Greg Biffle -- 6.1 %

    Tony may have the best chance just by being the closest in winning percentage to JJ, but an over 8% better winning percentage for JJ my just be too much.

    On a side note, an interesting thing to me is that the owner with the most cars in the top 10 for winning percentage is Rousch.
    Carl Edwards -- 8.8%
    Greg Biffle -- 6.1%
    Matt Kenseth -- 5.0%

    Even more interesting than that is if you look at the numbers and consider that until last year Tony was with Gibbs...
    Tony Stewart -- 10.0%
    Kyle Busch -- 8.8%
    Denny Hamlin -- 5.3%

    JJ and Jeff are the only Hendrick cars in the top 10. So, is Hendrick the powerhouse team, or is it all JJ?
    OK, I’m putting my calculator a way now.

  9. To beat Johnson it will have to be one of these drivers this year
    1Mark Martin
    2Tony Stewart
    3Kurt Busch
    4Carl Edwards
    5or Matt Kenseth
    I personaly say if Roush can get the cars right with Matts experience in the Chase he's the forerunner


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