Sunday, March 7, 2010

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Comedian Ron White likes to say "You can't fix stupid." Every time he utters that trademark line of his, he gets tons of laughs.

I bring up that line after looking at Carl Edwards' blatant and fairly obvious intentional ramming of Brad Keselowski in Sunday's Sprint Cup race at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Stupid, Carl, really, really stupid move. It's a move that shouldn't have happened, but I guess what White says definitely applies to Cousin Carl in this case.

Edwards was 156 laps off the pace – 156 laps!!! – and Keselowski was in sixth-place, closing in on a possible top-five finish, when Edwards slammed into Kes, sending him flipping end over end.

Was it payback for an early-race incident between the pair, the one that kept Edwards off the track for nearly half the race? Or perhaps it was come-uppance for last year's race at Talladega, where Keselowski sent Edwards flying – almost into the grandstands (even though it fortunately didn't get past the catchfence, debris from Edwards' car still injured seven spectators) – while Keselowski motored on for the first victory of his Sprint Cup career.

Don't get me wrong, I like NASCAR's new hands-off, "let 'em race" policy, but Edwards' actions were clearly unacceptable and avoidable. And, as nice of a guy as Carl is 99 percent of the the time, I have a hunch his big smile and buff body are going to be hurting come Tuesday, if not Monday.

Given the number of incidents we've already had between drivers in the first four races of the 2010 season – especially incidents between drivers that have a history with each other, like Edwards and Keselowski – someone is going to either kill or hurt someone if this keeps up. NASCAR's "have at it, boys" policy needs to be tweaked so that drivers don't continue taking that phrase to its full meaning.

And if that means someone is going to have to be made an example of to keep that from happening, so be it. The time has come.

That's why NASCAR really has no other choice but to suspend Edwards for one or more races to show not only himself but also every other Cup driver that aggressive driving bordering on near-homicidal is not going to be tolerated.

Edwards needs to be sat for a week at least to make him contemplate his retaliation actions. There's no other route for NASCAR to take or any other way for it to rule. If it lets him off the hook, there are going to be other future confrontations with Keselowski until someone gets hurt – or worse. Ditto for ongoing conflicts between other drivers. Clint Bowyer, Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin, Keselowski and others, take note, because it could just as easily be you in this instance.

I like Edwards. He's always treated me with respect and friendliness, so this isn't any type of personal vendetta against him. I feel bad that I have to call for his suspension, but at the same time, we can't have him or anyone else going around and purposely putting other people into the fence, especially at a place like Atlanta, which is the fastest track on the circuit.

Think about it: Edwards punted Keselowski at around 190 mph. How many times do we read of regular everyday folks getting killed in their own personal cars in wrecks of 50 mph or less? That Keselowski emerged shaken but not broken or worse is yet another testament to NASCAR's safety program.

And that Keselowski didn't sail into the stands is nothing short of a miracle – especially given how Edwards said after the race that he didn't expect Keselowski's car to take off like it did. Gee, Carl, what DID you expect? Did you think a simple bump-and-run at 190 mph could result in a predictable outcome.

Sorry, but at such high speeds, there is nothing predictable.

I'm not saying Keselowski is without blame. He's an equally significant part of the feud with Edwards. Sure, he made contact with Carl early in Sunday's race, but from how I saw it, the wreck was more of a true accident than the intentional hatchet job Edwards did on his rival later in the same race.

Carl has been racing for a long time and if he doesn't know better by now, there's no question he should. If it takes sitting out a race or two – heck, I wouldn't be surprised if NASCAR parks him for several races to really make a significant example of him – Edwards will hopefully learn the lesson that he obviously must have missed one day in racing school.

What's sad is that if Edwards is parked for more than one race, his season is in effect over. His sponsors, who paid millions of dollars to plaster their names and logos on his race car in hopes of him finally winning the Cup championship in 2010, will in effect be supporting an also-ran for the remainder of the season. They didn't sign on for that, to have their driver turn kamikaze pilot, and bring shame to himself, as well as their corporate image. Look at what Tiger Woods' actions caused him: the loss of several endorsements and sponsors.

While their situations are significantly different, maybe Carl can talk to Tiger about what it's like to mess up big time and be forced to sit out from the sport you love. After all, Carl, wasn't it just seven years ago that you were sitting in a classroom in Columbia, Mo., serving as a substitute teacher, and dreaming about being a Cup driver?

If he keeps up what he did Sunday, I'm sure returning to the world of being a substitute teacher can be easily arranged by NASCAR.


  1. You are over reacting. Take some breathing exercises. Hamilin intentionally wrecked Kaslowski. They didn`t suspend him.
    NASCAR said "Have at it boys".
    Now you say Carl`s season needs to be ruined.
    If NASCAR punishes Carl they will never be believed again.
    Calm down..relax...get a grip. The season is early. Give the drivers and owners a chance to police themselves.

  2. What a moron you are. You need some reality lessons. What Edwards did was like a pitcher intentionally throwing at a batter to hurt him. Let's put you behind the wheel of a race car at 90 mph, let alone 190 mph, and someone got into you and flipped you. Edwards is the most recent driver to prove drivers cannot police themselves. What would have happened if Keselowski's car went into the stands? What would Edwards do or think, knowing he caused it and maybe caused several fans to get killed? I'm a lawyer and regardless of what the fine print says on the back of tickets, if Edwards was found to have caused that wreck on purpose, he could be prosecuted for manslaughter, given that his actions were premeditated and intentional. Think I'm full of it? Try me. You're the one that needs to get a grip. Jerry has a sensible and logical thought, and you put him down ... and then don't have the balls to sign your name. Why don't you grow a set, because it's pretty obvious you have none.

  3. Nascar fault for not stepping in an stopping Brad from wrecking!

    Its Brad who should have been penalized along time ago!

    When he and Carl wrecked at Talledaga it was going for the win! Never once heard Carl complain!

    Then got to watching Brad on Nationwide Series, it seem he was always bumping Edwards and Hamlin! Non stop!

    So mabe Carl seen Nascar wasnt going to help or call Brad in, so he setted in just like Dale SR always did! Thus his punishment should be like the penalies Dale Sr got, which was just a pat on the back!

  4. I agree 100% with Ted. He could have been responsible for the death of Brad, or many fans. And, thank God that didn't happen! Short tracks is where you deal with things like that, and not on the fastest track they drive on. Just watch, NASCAR will do no more than slap Edwards on the wrist, because he's one of their freaking poster boys. Edwards think he above reproach. I say park him for 3 races. He had no regard for Brad's life or the fans in the stands. His actions were premeditated and intentional. Make the idiot sit at home and watch it on TV.

  5. i never liked carl but now i think hes one of the best for sending that ba****d in to fence was just hoping it would have broke his neck as he run over everone and thinks its ok for him to do it. nascar should have sent him home last year in nationwide races as he run over hamlin. brad is a prick. if he wasnt ass with hendrick and jr nascar would have been sent him looking last year. hope someone send him to hell soon. like i said hes a b*****d

  6. Gee if it was the golden boy [earnhardt] or the chosen one [johnson] there would be no talk of suspension. It would just be racing, move on people. I am already done watching week after week the inconsistincies in this sport.

  7. Carl Edwards owes the fans a refund. His actions took the race from the fans. What might have been an exciting finish (within regulation, what a concept) was ruined by his retaliation move. Bumping at a short track is one thing, but at Atlanta? Sit him for at least a week. And have him refund the ticket price to all fans.

    And get rid of the wing. The COT is going to kill somebody, and it might be the fans.

    Matthew Mark
    Darnestown, Maryland

  8. Ted,you are the moron.Bucky got what he deserved and it was long overdo.Did anyone get hurt?Whatif what if what if?These guys are men not little boys,give me a break.Cousin Carl,you are the man,#3 would be proud of you.

    Deep River,Ontario

  9. If they don't want to suspend him due to sponsor concerns, then they should at least make him start 43rd for three weeks. It was just the wrong place and wrong time for payback.

  10. Punishing Carl is not fixing the source of the problem

  11. I think that this was a very unfortunate situation. I don't have a problem with bumping someone whatever. As with the Denny Hamlin incident in the last Nationwide race, if it's going to be done he did it the "politcally correct" way. Black flagged one lap. Fine. I didn't have a problem with that. Sunday was a different story. I agree that the incident was not done purposfully. Brad was holding his line, Carl came down on him. Brad didn't give him room. Whatever no one has to give anyone room in my opinion, yes it is curtious but you don't have to do that... Carl should have held his line for that matter. To be honest I was disappointed with how Carl handed the situation. I felt the way he handled the situation was uncalled for. I agree that he should be suspended for a least one race. Will it happen. NO! There's sponsorship issues I'm sure. But WOW if NASCAR suspended him he would be out of the chase. That in my opinion would really send a message to the other drivers (including Brad). I hope they put some thought into how they are going to deal with this situation!

  12. People , do we really think nascar is going to suspend Carl? All the tv he does on speed. Won't happen. Plus nascar won't remove the biggest story from the track, this is going to be about ratings.....but I think he should be parked for the race or 10-20 laps.

  13. Bottom Line... Without the Wing, Brad would have spun off the wall and down into the grass and NO ONE would be having this debate Here's the math that NASCAR has obviously recognized, even though they will never admit it: 190mph + Wing on the Trunk SEEMS TO EQUAL LIFTOFF... NOW, dock him the points, take some jet fuel cash out of his pocket and move on with a stern warning in the drivers meeting in the next race.

  14. I'm with you, Jerry. I like Carl but that was uncalled for. He says he's concerned for people's safety but does a dumb move like that. Settle it off the track where others may not be at risk. How would he feel if a fan had been injured or killed? What would he advise his daughter to do in the same situation? I'm still a fan of Carl's but am very disappointed in what he did yesterday. There could be other ways to teach BK a lesson.

  15. From weak to weack I tune in to Nationwide & Spint races. Brad has done this same thing several times to other drivers and has always gotten away with it. Dig up all this and you see that Carl learned how to do it from Brad. A twist of the wheel in the right rear Panel Does it. If there's any suspension they Both should be involved in it,after all Brad started this a long time ago.

  16. Anon,7:45... What it is it that Brad is actually doing? Is he ACTUALLY turning into people or just actually racing hard and not giving room for someone who wants to move in front of him? It seems everyone wants to say Brad's the bad guy, but in Dega and at Atlanta (early crash), HE did not drive into anyone, he just simply HELD HIS GROUND. What's wrong with that? If Carl can't hold his car on a higher line, maybe he's not as good as you think he is!

  17. I'm sorry...I just don't get it. Brad races hard..aggressive..and toe to toe with the "Big Boys". He usually doesn't lift..but as far as I have seen..he doesn't "intentionally" go after someone. Is the entire problem here Brad doesn't race veterans like THEY think they should be raced by a rookie? If so..the veterans need to put on their "big boy panties"... Things have changed for a rookie in this day of racing..they no longer can afford to go on the track and say "yessir" "no sir" to the veterans IF they want to keep a job and a sponsor..the rookies now days have to go out and challenge for a win every week..and I don't think the veterans like it. AND this thing of the CUP guys going to Nationwide and winning every it supposed to be a given..are the Nationwide teams just supposed to "step aside" so a CUP guy can wipe the field? I would think NASCAR's "new attitude" of "letting the boys race" INCLUDES the rookies and sophomores..and from what I see some of the veterans need to get over themselves and race like they wish to be raced. If I was a driver now..rookie or veteran...I would sure keep an eye peeled for the 99..I wouldn't want to be on his "bad side". I am afraid we are heading to the era "get him before he gets me"...and I don't think that's racing..its just a wrecking free for all. Watching the lap before Carl finally made contact with could see how hard he was "swiping" at Brad...there is no doubt what Carl was trying to do. Carl seems to get crazy and quite scary when he is riled....he has a temper that would make me wonder how is he in his personal this point Carl makes the past antics of "Tony the Terrible" look like a church picnic!

  18. While I am glad that no one (including Brad) got hurt, this was long overdue. Brad runs over anyone in front of him all in the name of "hard racing." Nationwide, Cup, it doesn't matter. He does not respect anyone and seems to feel that it is his right to get past anyone in front of him by any means necessary. He has no respect for anyone and has had this coming for quite sometime.

    It seems to me that everyone is up in arms for 2 basic reasons. First, that Carl did not wait until the series made it to a short track to exact his revenge. And second, that Carl was well over 100 laps down while Brad was still in contention for the lead. In regards to the first, I understand that the fastest track on the circuit adds an increased amount of danger. And because of that fact, additional penalties for Carl are warranted (money and possibly points) - but suspension is not. If Brad's car had not flipped, this would be a moot point. There was no where near the outcry when Carl's car went into the catch fence at Talladega and no one seemed to care that this was at a track that is notorious for launching cars airborne. So why should Carl be held to a higher standard than Brad?

    And as for the second, what good would it do if Carl had waited until the next time he was racing Brad (at a short track) where he was not having a good day so as to not affect a good finish for him and his team? When you disciple your kids, you do not wait until they have a slow weekend to ground them. YOu do it as soon as you can and if that means that your son misses playing in a big game, so be it. In order to get your point across, you have got to cause some major discomfort to the offender in order to make them think twice the next time the opportunity arises where they could do it again. And that’s how I look at Carl's action - he wanted to show Brad that his actions have consequences.

    Say what you want, but I bet the next time Brad is racing Carl he has to decide if running over Carl and possibly causing him to wreck is warranted, he will have the vision of what happened on the front stretch of Atlanta in the back of his mind.

  19. Brad reminds me of Ernie Irvan early in his career before he learned to harness his aggression and became a winning driver.
    Brad makes most of his mistakes by not showing patience and using his skills to his advantage.
    There is nothing to gain by riling your competitors with bullish driving.
    As for Carl his prima donna attitude and poor judgement in retaliation needs to be addressed by NASCAR but we all know that it won't.(too many high profile sponsors).
    I have been following racing long enough to know that you must first gain a reputation as a winner before you can begin to knock people out of your way without reprisal

  20. 3 years ago Brad would of looped it into the grass and kept going and Carl would have gotten payback on the safest part of the track... except the wing took over. NASCAR, pull the wing off, put Carl on probabtion for the rest of the year... DONE

  21. Point one: In the first incident Brad held his line & Carl came down on him, plain & simple.

    Point two: Carl had over TWO HOURS to cool off so his retaliation was blatant & "heat of the moment" excuses apply here.

    Point three: Carl chose to get his paybacks at 190 mph in front of a full grandstand. The height of that stupidity...and there is no other word to use for it....cannot be measured. Dumb! Dumb!! Dumb!!!

    Carl HAS to sit, not necessarily for the simple act of retaliation, but for the arrogance, stupidity & the total lack of concern he showed for his fellow drivers, the crews that have to fix the cars, the sponsors, the fans in the stands & everyone else affected by his selfish act.

    There is NO justification for this one.

  22. For one thing, in the first incident Sunday, Carl should have saved it. It was that close. Carl, on the other hand, totally lost control of himself to do what he did to Brad the way he did it. His move resembled more of an instant retaliation to somebody ticking you off the lap before, not 2 hours earlier. He's got a real problem that has surfaced before.

  23. Kudos to Carl. BK is a punk.

  24. Apparently becoming a father hasn't settled down Edwards into a more mature person. Retaliation could have been handled like they used waiting til Bristol and knocking BK at a lower speed track....or meeting him after the race behind the hauler. I think the proper punishment is having Edwards write a check to Penske Racing to cover the cost of replacing BK's damaged car. No suspension...just double secret probation. He just needs to be told to be smarter with his retaliation.

  25. If someone had smacked this arrogant rookie in the mouth when he first started acting like he owned the tracks,we wouldn't be having this problem. Where is Jimmie Spencer when you need him???

  26. Crazy Carl is out of control again. If you really look at the replay of the first incident, Crazy Carl wrecked himself, but he has to blame someone else for his poor judgement. What he did to Brad was very dangerous for the fan's and other driver's. He should be suspended!

  27. Drug test Edwards. Looks like classic roid rage.

  28. I don't know what incidents everyone keeps talking about, but the ones that I have seen with BK and Carl have Carl at fault in every one of them.

    You can't take someone out when they're racing for a top 5 at the end of a race. I too think Carl should write a check to Penske for the car and prize money difference. And be suspended for 2 weeks.


  30. Carl blocked Brad at Talladega. Brad held his line. Carl was understanding in the interview after the incident earlier in Sunday’s race. He knew he came down on Brad. Leaving no room is racing. Carl has become an ass!

    Carl tried to wreck Brad more than once after the first incident on Sunday showing clear premeditation. He needs to be suspended for as long as possible, and on his return, drug test him every weekend for the entire season after his return. Carl needs to write Roger a check for whatever Roger says he had into the car. Carl also needs to buy some black gloves.

    If I were Brad, I would go right at him off the track and I would not stop. I would start by wrecking him in his four-wheeler that he drives himself around the infield in. Carl knows the cars flip, it happened to him last year. Retaliating at 190MPH is attempted murder.


  31. I agree. Carl needs black gloves. And he should donate his share of the purse to the 12 team, and repay the 99 team for the time they spent building his, car.

    Dusty Duncan
    Claremore, OK

  32. I for one will never watch Nascar again if Edwards isnt booted for this stupid stunt. The obvious reasoning is attempted murder charges from Penske, or wanton endangerment from fans in the stands. In fact, 99 should not have been allowed back on the track if there was no way to improve his finishing position. Who is in charge here? I don't care if it was Jr, this cannot happen. Give them boxing gloves and set up a ring for the after race festivus. Total BS

  33. Jeez people, enough with the "attempted murder" silliness. At the least, you need to have intent, and if you can prove that it was Carl Edwards' INTENT to KILL Brad Keselowski, you will be the greatest prosecutor on the planet and are wasting your time posting on Trading Paint.

    And can we please also stop with the "he put the fans in danger" routine? No he didn't. NASCAR with their COT that tends to become an airborne missile are the ones that put the fans in danger. Carl's tap into Keselowski's rear quarter was nothing compared to the hits Dale Sr. used to put on cars. The only difference is that those cars would usually spin out onto the grass. The COTs on the other hand becomes a 2-ton missile. NASCAR is no better than Ford with their Pintos. Ford knew that the Pintos would explode when rear-ended, but decided not to do anything about it. NASCAR knows that the COT become airborne when they spin around and have done nothing about it. Maybe now they'll move up their timetable and swap the wing out for the old spoiler. I wouldn't hold my breath though; considering all the press the 12-99 incident has been receiving, they're probably tickled pink that they're the lead story on an otherwise mundane sports day.

  34. In defense of Brad K-
    Why is it that two of the most over-hyped drivers in the sport seem to have trouble with Brad? What about the other 40 drivers in the race?

    Could it be that the over-privileged wonders in the 99 and 11 simply can't stand the fact that someone, a Cup rookie no less, is not moving out of their way? After all, doesn't Brad know that they are great? One of them almost won a Cup championship one time. And doesn't Brad know that when they come to the Busch Series(yes, I know it's Nationwide) everyone is to get out of their way. Never mind the number of cars they have run over.

    And could it be that Brad K, having paid his dues in the Busch series, doesn't seem particularly impressed with drivers who were handed their Cup rides? No one was complaining when Baby Joey ran all over Brad K for his first NASCAR win.

    Go, Brad, Go.

    Matthew Mark

  35. "I'm a lawyer and regardless of what the fine print says on the back of tickets, if Edwards was found to have caused that wreck on purpose, he could be prosecuted for manslaughter, given that his actions were premeditated and intentional. Think I'm full of it? Try me."

    Then you must have been in the bottom third of your class in some backwater third-tier cesspool if you think a lawsuit like that has a prayer of a chance. You really shouldn't be lobbing verbal bricks like "moron" at someone with a response like that, sport.

  36. NASCAR designed and developed their new car with a rear wing and a tendency to roll.

    NASCAR said "Have at it boys".

    NASCAR failed to rein in Keselowski's hyper aggressive driving although they have had multiple opportunities.

    Had the car not rolled (thanks to the NASCAR design) I believe the majority opinion would be that BK just reaped what he sowed. Suspension is too extreme here. Dock him some points give him a fine and a few weeks of probation.

  37. And so it is that Carl Edwards gets probation for 3 races. No fine. No suspension.


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