Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'd only wish back spasms on my worst enemy

Hey everyone, I apologize for not writing anything the last few days.

I'm currently in Charlotte on the NASCAR Media Tour, with its typical 12-hour days. I would love to have written a few stories, but I've been hampered by severe back spasms. I've been able to make it to almost all the interview sessions, but trying to sit on a chair and type for any appreciable amount of time is impossible.

We had a fun casino night tonight after the interview session with Red Bull drivers Brian Vickers and Scott Speed. Let me tell you, Red Bull picked up a lot of fans among the media with the shindig it threw.

Unfortunately, I really couldn't enjoy myself much -- and called it an early night -- because this pain has gone from bad to worse, to the point where I may be checking myself into the hospital in the next day or two. I'm supposed to fly back home either Saturday or Sunday, but I don't know if my back will allow me to fly. We'll just have to play it by ear.

All that being said -- and I'm cutting this short because I'm in sheer agony right now (by the way, I've taken enough meds to kill an elephant today and they've had absolutely zero effect, and tonight at the Red Bull party I had a huge glass of vodka and Red Bull and I am as sober as a judge. That should show you how much the pain is deadening everything else) -- so please accept my apologies. I do hope you all understand.

One more thing: I have close to two dozen interviews that I've conducted during the media tour, which will give me more than enough material for some great stories and columns starting next week, so keep checking back because you're going to be entertained, I promise.


  1. Keep on diggin' Jerry - I hope your back feels better soon. Good luck on the rest of your meetings this week. We're pulling for you.


  2. Hey Jer -

    Welcome back to the limelight ...

    You've got my sympathies on the back spasms ... I've been there too ... BIG time ... They've finally been put under control after a serious bout with the vicoden/soma/flexeril cocktail and monthly cortisone shots ...

    Good luck!

  3. Hey Jerry

    Sorry to here about yahoo and your back.
    Your be back and be better than before.

    Good luck with your new website Just give it time knowing you it will be great.I did my first webpage last year it it is doing ok


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