Thursday, September 27, 2012

Check out Harvick video, plus catching up with y'all

Yes, I know I've not updated this for quite a while again -- after promising I was going to be more astute at keeping up with things.

It's not to say I haven't been busy, because I have -- boy, have I ever.

I rejoined in late July as a NASCAR featured columnist/writer. I've been averaging about 3-5 columns per week. By reader response, we're doing very well. I hope to add all of the 30-some links of stories I've written here to this blog in the coming days.

Also, a couple of other things are in the works: I'm in discussions to write another NASCAR book. Talks are preliminary right now, but we have a couple of various things on the table -- including the possibility of making it an E-book (for simplicity and immediacy purposes, since conventional books often take 9 to 12 months to bring to edit, print and bring to market). More on that soon to come.

I also will be contributing a weekly column to the web site of a very good friend of mine -- and one of the biggest broadcasters in the business. We're about ready to announce that, perhaps as early as Friday,  so stay tuned.

Also, here's a video of my hosting a meet-and-greet between Kevin Harvick and fans at Chicagoland Speedway on the morning of the kickoff race in the Chase for the Sprint Cup. Kevin was very gracious and although it only lasted about 20 minutes, we had a large turnout and some great questions from the fans who attended. I'm looking forward to doing more meet-and-greets.

Last weekend, even though I was battling a severe sinus infection and nasty case of bronchitis (which I'm still fighting) -- I hope I didn't infect half the state of Kentucky LOL -- but had a great time covering the Trucks and Nationwide races at Kentucky Speedway. Tim Bray and all the folks there were very accommodating and great hosts. And the best part -- I didn't hit a deer on the way back, unlike after the June race. LOL

I'll be in Charlotte for next month's Cup race and look forward to getting caught up with lots of friends there. I'm also hoping to make it to Texas and Homestead ... and potentially Phoenix, if I can find someone to split a room.

Well, enjoy the Harvick video and I hope to post links to a number of my recent stories here in the coming days.

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Kevin Harvick at Chicagoland Speedway meet-and-greet

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  1. Hope to see you in Phoenix, Jerry! I'd offer you room in our tent, but you'd need your own air mattress and hey, we snore! Ha!


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