Friday, October 14, 2011

Charlotte Race Will Separate the Chase Contenders (

October 14, 2011/

When NASCAR began looking at various options on how to tweak the Chase for the Sprint Cup prior to this season, one of the proposals on the table was an elimination phase.

Two separate versions of the proposal were floated:

The first idea was a progressive elimination that would begin starting with the third race in the 10-race Chase, where the 12th-ranked driver after the third race would be eliminated from further advancement and contention for the championship.

Things would continue with each subsequent race, with one additional driver to be eliminated – for example, the 11th-ranked driver after the fourth race would be eliminated, and then the 10th-ranked driver after the fifth race, and so forth – with each passing race all the way leading up to the season finale at Homestead, Fla.

The second idea was to begin elimination after the first five races, where up to the bottom six drivers in the Chase standings after this weekend's race at Charlotte Motor Speedway would be cut from further contention and advancement.

Sure, both ideas had some semblance of excitement and drama on NASCAR's playoff system, but more rationale minds convinced the powers that be that either version of an elimination process would not necessarily be in NASCAR's best interests.


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