Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Last week, a blogger created quite a stir within the NASCAR community by breathlessly "revealing" that Sprint Cup driver Kurt Busch was getting divorced.

That same blogger derisively stated that the regular NASCAR media had kept details quiet intentionally, and then took it upon himself to not only reveal Busch's divorce plans, but also questioned why Busch was seen on national TV with what appears to be a new flame along pit road prior to the race at Sonoma, a race Busch would go on to win.

And then during an interview session after practice at Daytona late last week, Busch was again asked the same thing as the title of the Isley Brothers 1970s hit, "Who's That Lady?"

Busch was clearly uncomfortable while being grilled publicly at Daytona – all caught on camera – squirming in his chair before reading from notes he had written beforehand, obviously anticipating such a question would be put to him in the fashion it was, trying to explain why he was getting a divorce from estranged wife Eva.

And even as uncomfortable as he was, I give Busch great credit for handling the situation with class and dignity.

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