Monday, February 1, 2010


Okay, we're less than two weeks from the Great American Race, otherwise known as the Daytona 500. And with the start to Speedweeks each year, prognosticating kicks into high gear. Who's going to do what in NASCAR's Super Bowl, even though the year's biggest race starts the season, not the end.

This year, perhaps more than the last 10 years, the field of potential winners is probably larger than it ever has been. Sure, there's the old saying that anyone can win any race on any given day. But the best drivers always seem to do the best -- that's why they are the best, right?

So, who's your pick to win this year's race? Dale Earnhardt Jr.? Tony Stewart? Jeff Gordon? Will Jimmie Johnson begin his quest for a fifth consecutive Sprint Cup championship with yet another win on the high banks of the 2.5-mile Daytona International Speedway?

I'm obviously still learning some of the nuances of this new software program I'm using, so we're not able to add the old-style polls we ran quite often last year. So, until I get the hang of this deal, shoot me an e-mail with your pick and maybe a sentence or two on why you're picking him to win it all.

I'll post some of the best responses as each day clicks down. To send me your thoughts, email me at

Now, let's get ready for an exciting Speedweeks, culminated by the biggest race in NASCAR!


  1. Well I'm gonna go with Mark Martin! He was robbed a couple years ago. What better way to start his run for the Championship then a win at Daytona?

  2. Although Mark Martin would be a sentimental choice, I personally think the "0-fer" streak ends in 2010 for Tony Stewart. He's come too close too many times not to get the Daytona breakthrough he has wanted a long time. Yes, he has those summertime "Firecracker" race wins ... but it's just not the same (and he knows it). Funny thing is, if he does finally win the 500, I think he might actually shift some focus to the Indy 500 again before his competitive abilities might diminish over in open wheel. Tony's marquee wins (much like his idol AJ Foyt) were Indy and Daytona ... he's won races at both places (but only in NASCAR and not in the events he's wanted). Tony's pursuit now reminds me a little of Dale Earnhardt's long dry-spell to finally win his in 1998 after many superspeedway wins at both Daytona and Talladega in other races. I hope Tony doesn't have to wait another decade (like Dale did) before finally getting the jewel he wants. My "sleeper" pick, btw - Kurt Busch (I'd pick Kyle, but I won't be surprised to see either Busch crack Victory Lane this year ... and wouldn't seeing Steve Addington help Kurt get there seem like sweet success to the deposed crew chief).


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