Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Danica's Road To NASCAR Appears Wide Open (AutoRacingDaily.com)

By Jerry Bonkowski

I admit I’ve been hard on Danica Patrick over the years. A large part of the reason was her tougher than nails attitude, trying to act like a rough man in a rough man’s world.

Let’s put it this way: when it comes to personality, her face would not be found next to the word in a dictionary.

And then there was her gratuitous use of her good looks and sexuality—nothing of which has anything to do with being a winning and successful race car driver. I mean, we never saw Richard Petty or the late Dale Earnhardt—men’s men if there ever was—posing near-naked in a pair of swim trunks, trying to sell a product or get a certain message across.

(And I won’t even go into the rumors that have been flying the last week that Patrick will appear nude—supposedly “tastefully,” though—in an upcoming issue of ESPN The Magazine, purportedly to compete with Sports Illustrated’s annual Swimsuit Issue. Yep, that’ll help her win a number of upcoming races).

I once said Patrick was all “flesh and flash,” nothing but a pretty face that had some marginal racing talent but not enough to make her a bonafide, competitive superstar. That line was picked up all over the world.

And now, with just one win under her belt in the IndyCar Series – a fuel-mileage win at that (I know, it sounds like I’m picking on her, but facts are facts) – it would appear that the pride and joy of Roscoe, Il., is finally going to attempt the big jump from open-wheel to stock car racing.

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  1. I can't wait til she has one of her hissy fits with a NASCAR driver. Maybe she can show him her GoDaddy T-shirt to prove what a good driver she is. I predict she will run in the 30's.

  2. Not being a big fan of Danica's, I agree on some levels with what is being said here. I doubt she has the chops to make it in NASCAR, however, if she were to stick with her stint at IRL, I do think she has the potential to go further. Is she on a level with Janet Guthrie, well I dont know, but she will certainly go down in the annals of racing as one who truly did fight for every square inch of track when she is out there. As for her gratuitous appearances on Go Daddy.com commercials (If I have to watch that silly biatch cop again one more time I'll choke) when we sign up for sponosorship, we have to do what the sponsor wants from us. Personally I think the fault for those commercials lies with the sponsor and not with Danica. However, with all that being said, posing nude for swimsuit editions does nothing to further your rep other than confirm what most men already think of her, she is a bit of fluff in a driving suit. So here it is, a little advice for Danica: NASCAR - no, IRL yes - Go Daddy - No choice - Posing nude - pass..


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