Tuesday, June 30, 2009

AutoRacingDaily.com Daily Blog Excerpt -- Slowly But Surely, Earnhardt, McGrew Showing Signs of Improvement

By Jerry Bonkowski, For AutoRacingDaily.com

It’s been one month exactly since Lance McGrew replaced Tony Eury Jr. as crew chief for Dale Earnhardt Jr.

McGrew’s first race atop Earnhardt’s pit box was May 31 at Dover; today is June 30. In that period of time, the duo has worked together in five races, with finishes of 12th (Dover), 27th (Pocono), 14th (Michigan), 26th (Sonoma) and 13th this past Sunday at New Hampshire.

That’s somewhat of an improvement over the previous six races that preceded Eury’s removal as crew chief and reassignment within Hendrick Motorsports: 20th (Texas), 31st (Phoenix), 2nd (Talladega), 27th (Richmond and Darlington) and 40th at Charlotte in the Coca-Cola 600 before the big change was made.

While they still haven’t come close to winning a race yet, and Junior has not led even one lap in a race since his runner-up finish at Talladega back in April – a span of eight races – I’m starting to see some positive signs coming from the Earnhardt-McGrew marriage.

While consistency is an issue with their up one week, down the next finishes, the fact that Earnhardt has three top-15 finishes in five starts with McGrew would seem to bode well for the rest of the season.

But we have to temper that performance with reality. ....

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  1. Could it be possible - I'm just sayin' - That junior is the single most overrated driver in the history of the sport? Are the crew cheifs being made into scapegoats? Can Junior really be "that" good that he can drive circles around some of the other drivers. My opinion - Nope, he just aint that good.
    I think you have a mediocre driver trying to fill the shoes of a champion and being paid megabucks to do it.
    If this isnt the single most hyped driver of all time, I don't know who is.
    Ok so he is a fan favorite and I have met the kid and he's a nice enough person - even if he does turn beet red when you talk to him - and he really does have big shoes to try and fill and yes, maybe he really does want to be a race driver of the best caliber, I just don't think he has it in him.. But thats just me. Just my humble opinion.
    He is mediocre collecting megabucks. So he may not be the best driver, but he sure is one smart puppy when it comes to collecting on his fame but sweetie, your 15 minutes are up..


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