Monday, April 6, 2009


An open letter to all readers from Jerry Bonkowski:

I am absolutely stunned, practically speechless -- which is pretty hard for a big mouth like me to do (haha).

I flew back home from Dallas Monday evening and, other than a quick check of my Web site early this morning, I really had no inkling of what would happen the rest of the day.

When I finally got home Monday night, I checked my site again and there it was, in black-and-white, incredible numbers.

Nearly 2,000 page views and nearly 1,500 readers in one day. Now, that may seem like small potatoes to major Web sites, but to me, that is like hitting the lottery.

What's more, the traffic generated to today (April 6) is the second-highest single-day amount since I began my site on January 12 of this year.

In addition, Monday's numbers pushed us well over the 30,000 page views since I began my site. Again, small potatoes to bigger sites, but BIG numbers to me -- especially since other projects and tasks in recent weeks have kept me from writing more often than I have been.

So, I just want to thank all you readers that took the time to log in and read stories that myself and my cohort, Dan Beaver, churned out this past weekend. We cannot thank you enough!

Oh, one more thing: for those of you that keep wondering what my big job news is and when I'm going to be able to announce it: I hope to make the announcement official Tuesday or Wednesday (it has already started leaking out from other sources, but I'm sure you'd rather hear it from the horse's mouth). So, stayed tuned, it's coming.

Also, I had a wonderful lunch in Dallas on Monday with a dear friend that I've known for nearly 20 years -- and one of the most powerful men in the world of sports. Out of the clear blue, he asked me if I'd be interested in writing a book with him, one that one of the biggest literary agents in the world has been trying to convince him to do for the longest time. I agreed to do it, so add another reason why Monday was such a great day. Usually, Monday's suck for me; they're the worst day of the week, usually. But not April 6. This day will go down in my own personal history books as one of the best days of my life ... and I just wanted to share it with all of you.

Thanks again, everyone. I feel like I know all of you personally. Thank you for letting me be part of your family, so to speak, and thank you for being part of the family.

Best regards,



  1. Congratulations on having a Magnificent Monday, Jerry!
    We the faithful look forward to more good news for you and yours.
    You are a model of perseverance, and we are lucky to have you here!

  2. It's time for things to look up for you and your loved ones

  3. CP from New JerseyApril 7, 2009 at 11:18 AM

    Congratulations to you and can't wait to hear about your job announcement.

  4. Congrats on all of the good news, Jerry. So this is a second book that you are working on? Aren't you working on a Nascar book as well?

  5. Would not be a Nascar weekend without hearing what you have to say. Thanks for having this site!

  6. Hard to find you Jerry. I couldn't remember how to spell your last name. As a matter of fact, none of us (18 from DuPont Torrance, CA) readers of your stuff could remember. Glad to find you. Here you are with your loyal fans. We call you JB24. Thanks

  7. I have been reading your posts here for a few months and been praying for you. This is GREAT news. I am so happy for you Jerry. I am anxiously awaiting the news of the new position. Watching NASCAR wouldn't be complete without hearing from YOU.

  8. Everything in life happens for a reason and something better always comes along. Proof - look in the mirror. Looking forward to your big announcement.

  9. Sorry I'm late getting to you Jerry. Great to hear all the good news. So will that make two books you will author?
    We, your online friends and family, are behind you 100%.

  10. Us NASCAR Fans might be a bunch of (insert whatever you like here) but we are loyal to a fault..
    Cant wait until I can follow you to your next destination.. Good luck....

  11. Jerry,
    I have enjoyed following your column, both there and here. You are a very talented sports writer who offers a knowledgable perspective of the subject. I have been pulling for you to find the fit that you are looking for in your career. I know that you will succeed in your search. Wishing the best to you and your family.

  12. Hey Jerry -- from a non-redneck, non-hard core NASCAR fan that still enjoys it (but not quite as much as my Patriots) - here's a New England congrats! (now you can tell your advertisers that your demographics stretch nationwide...)


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