Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The calm before the storm

Hey everyone, I've received dozens of e-mails already about my new Web blog (and with virtually no promotion, since I'm just getting things off the ground). Thanks for all your kind words!

Things are very hectic, which has kind of slowed down the progress I had hoped to achieve by now. But don't fret, we will get moving forward in the coming week.

First off, we keep getting dumped on with snow here in Chicago, which means I've used my snowblower more times in the last couple weeks than I've probably done in the last few years combined.

Second, I'm working on my first book -- NASCAR-related, of course -- and hope to have the final manuscript to the editor by Feb. 1, with tentative publication near the end of the year. There'll be more info to come on that in the coming weeks.

Third, thanks to many kind folks in the business, I've managed to pick up a number of freelance assignments which are certainly helping to pay some of the bills for now. I'm trying not to file for unemployment, as I have taken pride in always making my own way in life -- and any work that I can get is not only greatly appreciated, it also lets me do what I do best: work, work and more work!

Fourth, I'm getting ready to head to NASCAR Mecca ... otherwise known as Charlotte ... for the annual NASCAR Media Tour put on by the great folks at Lowe's Motor Speedway. This event has come to be one of my most favorite parts of the year, with great access to dozens of drivers and teams, great food (and free! -- so much for going on another diet again LOL), and just a great resource for writers and broadcasters both, of which I obviously fall under both categories.

I hope to pop up at least a few blog entries from the Media Tour when I'm down there. At the same time, and I'm sure most of you will understand, I have numerous meetings lined up with potential employers or business partners for some entrepreneurial pursuits I'm also looking at.

Now, for the question that many of you have asked: when will I bring back the very popular Trading Paint weekly mailbag, where fans get to joust with other fans, as well as myself?

Right now, the gameplan is to further establish and promote (and the next few weeks, start writing regular columns (I'm planning on doing at least three per week) and then likely kicking off Trading Paint probably sometime during Speedweeks in Daytona.

Remember, if you want to submit an e-mail for Trading Paint, do NOT send it as a "comment" at the bottom of a blog entry. Those are obviously already out there for public consumption.

Instead, please e-mail me at with any letters that you want to be considered for Trading Paint. Much like during our tenure at Yahoo, I plan on running between 20 and 25 e-mails per each edition of TP.

Okay, time to go back out to do more snowblowing and shoveling. We'll catch you again in the next day or two. And once again, thanks for all your patience. This is a work in progress, a "pre-grand opening," if you will, but trust me -- we're going to take some major steps forward and start kicking some major ass in the coming weeks.

Take care, everyone!


  1. Good luck to you Jerry next week! My family awaits your relaunch of your mailbag. Have fun in the snow like we are here.

    Your Michigan Fan

  2. Great to hear your news Jerry good luck with the book can you give us any clues or is it James Bond style hush hash top secret ?

  3. Jerry Glad to see you are startin up here, You should get a facebook page I added this blog to my list and invited my From the Marbles friends to join it. If you had facebook you might get a bigger audience, not sure just a suggestion. I look forward to seeing Trading paint back up and running. I can't tell ya how pissed I am at Yahoo for doin you the way they did. I have been a loyal reader and even had you post a few of my comments so best of luck to ya.

  4. HALLELUJIAH!!!!!!!! The one and only voice of NASCAR Reason is back!!! Great to see you Mr. Bonkowski, and I look forward to "Trading Paint" with you again very soon!

    Ross Jackson
    Longview, Texas

  5. Welcome Back Jerry:

    I've missed your articles.
    Thanks for not only the 'memories', but for something familiar to look forward to!!

    John Phillips
    Campbell River, BC Canada

  6. welcome back, Jerry. It's really good to see you back again. I can't wait for Trading Paint. Good luck with all that snow.

  7. Great to see you getting your site up! I'm looking forward to reading you as often as ever and have already bookmarked this place in my Nascar folder.

    A thought though,
    40+yo eyes don't cope well with tiny, light-colored type on a dark background.

    12-point Verdana or Times New Roman in black on white is uncool to the point of boring, but its easyt to read. Your thoughts and words don't need any type tricks to make them worthwhile. :)

  8. Glad you're back, Jerry. And we arranged for snow in Charlotte for you, just so you wouldn't feel too out of your environmnent...LOL!


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